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  • Nutrition

    What is Hemp Seed Oil and Why is it Good for You?

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    Written by Swisse
    Hemp Seeds

    It’s been in the news, all over social media, and it may have even made its way into your morning smoothie.

    We’re talking about Hemp Seed Oil. The latest wonder ingredient that has been thrown into the food and skincare spotlight of late, catching the eye of scientists and health nuts alike.

    But with its praise, comes an often confusing connection to cannabis, leaving many unsure whether or not hemp seed oil is right for them.

    So we wanted to take a closer look at what makes this ingredient so great, giving you a better understanding of the benefits you can expect when introducing Hemp Seed Oil into your diet and skincare regime.


    Firstly, Hemp seed oil has no psychoactive properties whatsoever, none, nudda, ziltch. This is because the oil is derived from cold-pressing hemp heart seeds, a part of the plant with no THC.

    Instead, hemp seed oil is naturally rich in plant-based essential fatty acids unable to be made by the human body and therefore must be derived from our diet, like omega-3, omega 6 and omega 9. A balanced Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids ratio helps support overall health, wellbeing and vitality.


    Unfortunately, not all products that claim to use hemp seed oil are made equal, so we think it’s important you know the difference to help you pick the product that is right for you.


    We see it everywhere from juices to olive oil, and we know it’s got to be good for us because it usually costs more than the non-cold pressed option, right?

    Hemp seed is traditionally extracted using methods which involve heat, friction, speed or pressure, mostly from fast spinning juicer blades or machinery. This addition of heat leads to many of the raw and natural nutrients being lost in the process, along with a rapid oxidation which lessens the products freshness.

    The cold-press process is different. The main reason is that it’s much slower. Strong pressure is added to the fruits or seeds after they go through and initial gentle grind to break them down resulting in a higher juice or oil yield.

    Due to the reduced heat levels and minimal friction involved in the cold-pressed process all the flavour and nutritional quality is saved. The end product is raw, which is the main reason we only use cold-pressed seeds in our products, they’re just…better.